Monday, January 17, 2011

Download or Watch Ong Bak 3 Movie Online

Release Date:     14 Jan, 2011
Duration:     95 Min
Director:     Tony Jaa, Panna Rittikrai
Genre:     Action

The legendary martial arts exponent Tony Jaa continues the Ong Bak saga with the third installment of the series directed, acted, written and produced by him. While the first part laid the ground work, the second will be remembered for its breath taking martial art sequences.

The third part continues the myth wherein Tien (played by Jaa) has lost his powers and is beaten badly by the King’s guards. Download Ong-Bak 3 movie from this incredible website to witness the revival and then, the ultimate redemption of the protagonist, as he goes on an all out, frontal attack against his enemies, including The King Rajasena’s guards and The Crow. There’s magic, illusion, brutal fights and exorcizing of personal demons as the movie moves ahead at breakneck pace.

You may also buy Ong-Bak 3 movie at very affordable prices. Our threat detection features ensure virus free downloads at speed fast enough to evoke the envy of Tien! You will also get the opportunity to watch this action extravaganza with high quality video and sound effects. So, don’t miss this martial arts saga, as Tien seeks revenge for the sins committed against him. A romantic tinge is sure to attract you!


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